Capture hearts, not just minds

It’s not enough anymore to inform customers and compare features.  Consumers today want to be inspired, motivated. They don’t just want to shop; they want to engage.

To accomplish that, you need a compelling, emotionally-engaging video campaign.

Few marketers, however have the knowledge, skills, and experience to produce top-quality videos that emotionally engage buyers and generate sales. That’s why businesses and agencies rely on Fresh Ink specialists to provide creative, fully-managed video marketing services. See our stuff.

Get the best bang for your buck

Like high-tech robots, high-priced big-box production companies follow directions perfectly but expect you to tell them exactly what you want and how you want it.  Mom n’ Pops are cheaper but tend to be heavy on promises, light on delivery.

Fresh Ink offers the best of both—a compelling video campaign that accurately reflects who you are, is professionally executed, and fits within your budget.

Our business is to understand your business and your customers. Our strategy is to create an emotional connection between you and your customers and to build trust. Our success is quantifiable in terms of clicks, leads, and sales conversions. We do this by leveraging online marketing content to create a direct, visible connection between marketing programs and revenue impact. The results: more qualified leads, increased conversion and retention rates, shorter sales cycles, and greater ROI.

Types of Videos We Produce: