Our effective marketing strategies drive the right results.

The process behind the science

Strategically marketing your video is what brings eyes to your content, builds your audience and, most importantly, increases your ROI. We apply the best marketing practices to your content, from using a strategic landing page campaign to targeting your audience by zip code through social media.

And we don’t finish there – we assess results during and after the campaign, performing in-depth analysis on the various metrics that are crucial for success. The goal for us is to engage the viewer, so we look at things like completion rates, demographics, how the viewers interact with the content and when they drop off to truly understand what is working and what is not.


The science behind the technology

More than 100 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every single minute of every single day. Without a campaign to market your video content, reaching your target audience becomes a daunting task.

The FIM Solution: Start Getting Your Video Seen!

Step I. Video Optimization

This is where we set you up for success. We conduct in-depth research to determine who your audience is and how we can best reach them. We take key factors like optimal keywords, playlist and content strategies, and video thumbnails into consideration and then lay out the action plan.

Step II. Video Distribution

We call our retainer-based program “Video PR.” We work with our team of brand marketers and YouTube certified experts to maximize your content’s impact. Our partners have achieved over 300 million views and gain up to 100,000 subscribers per month. Our passion for getting the right content in front of the right audience and the results speaks for itself.

If you have 50 videos or more, you may qualify for our preferred-partner program, which includes a detailed strategy for your brand focused on video optimization and distribution, community establishment, video advertising, and conversion.

If you don’t have many video assets yet, but are ready to drive your results, we can make it easy. Let us help you get started with production and optimization.