Your video content is important. We want to help you optimize your video distribution strategy and share it with your audience via websites, landing pages, email campaigns, socials sites and more to ensure that the content we created brings success to your campaign or brand!

Video Distribution Strategy Dallas
Video Distribution Strategy Houston

The process behind the science

Ever experience the frustration that comes with creating great content and then not being able to optimize that content—not being able to reach your audience the way you want to?

At Fresh Ink, once we have taken your brand, products and services and created an engaging video using the Sales Funnel method, we shift our focus to your video distribution strategy.

Distribution is what establishes your video, builds your audience and most importantly increases your ROI. We take your content and target audience and apply the best allocation, such as embedding your content on a landing page or website, integrating your content through email campaigns, adding your content to social sites and using best practices when setting up your company YouTube or video platform.

The science behind the technology

Think about this: Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” took 10-12 years to produce, but didn’t become famous for another 300 years! Why, you ask? DISTRIBUTION!

We recognize that an effective video distribution strategy is just as important as creative production. If you aren’t distributing your content effectively, why create the content at all, right?