With our focus on online marketing services including turnkey video production,video distribution, and measuring your analytic strategy, we can help your company’s video efforts succeed! Fresh Ink strives to create compelling and unique content for your brand that not only excites and engages your audience, but develops a video distribution strategy for your content that works efficiently and establishes credibility with your audience to keep them coming back for more.

Turnkey Production

Producing unique video content that matters to your customer is harder than you think. Customers no longer want to be sold a product and that makes video production a big question mark in most companies eyes. Working with our Video Producers, we help you develop a turnkey video production strategy that fits both your’s and your audience’s needs using our arsenal of turnkey tools for video production.

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Fresh Ink’s three-phase approach to video marketing understands both you and your audience’s needs for effective strategy and distinctive storytelling.


How are you reaching your audience? With more video distribution methods on the internet than ever before, Fresh Ink works with you to assess what video distribution strategy will work best for your unique content to make it a success. We specialize in using video distribution platforms like Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn to optimize and increase the audience you already have.

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Fresh Ink work’s with you to develop out-of-the-box Video SEO and creative distribution strategy that drives social engagement and brand awareness.


Your video analytic strategy should be more than just a bunch of numbers on a page. During our analytic audit, Fresh Ink works with your company to help you get the kind of video analytics that matter for successful, awesome content. A solid video analytic strategy will help your company see and understand how your content drives your audience.

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